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Contract drafting doesn't have to be time consuming. Take a look at how Donna helps you navigate lengthy legal documents, finds issues and helps you correct them.
What People Love About Donna
Although Donna is easy to work with, she has proven amazingly powerful for our users. Here are some of the things they love.
Side Notes
Have you ever felt frustrated by having to constantly scroll around in long documents, just to find the definition of a term?
Donna highlights important information in the contract. This makes it easy to recognise. By clicking on the annotations Donna gives more information.
The devil is in the details. And Donna helps you ensure they are correct. Together it's easy to fix undefined terms, sloppy punctuation, missing references, contradicting statements and more.
And of course you can always ignore Donna's suggestions if they are not relevant at that moment. You're in control.
Search & Filter
Microsoft Word lets you search for text. Donna helps you find what you're actually looking for.
By filtering search results to only include Definitions it's easy to ensure everything is clearly defined. Or just show an overview of all the Dates to instantly see how they relate.
It's impossible to put Donna into words...
So why don't you just try to work with her for a few days instead? We know that you two will make a great team together!
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