It takes an average of 23 minutes to re-focus after an interruption. Let Donna help you stay in the zone.

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A “spellcheck” that catches all those other things

Clients will notice those few simple mistakes that are overlooked in the final draft.

  • Finds undefined terms

    Spots undefined terms and other definition issues that are easy to miss when copying and pasting contract clauses.

  • Tidies up inconsistencies

    Checks for small oversights that can put a dent in your otherwise perfect contract, like repeated punctuation or incorrect quotation marks.

  • Mends broken cross-references

    Identifies cross-references issues for you to fix before they invalidate clauses or even the entire contract.

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Clear ways to do basic tasks without a million clicks

Lawyers spend 2 weeks a year with tasks they feel are just a waste of their time.

  • Insert cross-references

    Simplified cross-references. Stop scrolling and use Donna’s smart search to add cross-references to your legal documents.

  • Highlight [placeholders]

    Ready to hit send? Add placeholder highlights throughout your entire document in just one click.

  • Save snippets Coming Soon

    Save, add and reuse favourite clauses as and when you need them.

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Find information without playing hide and seek

Lawyers scroll 9.6 km a year to keep track of defined terms in contracts.

  • Lookup a definition

    No matter where you are in a contract with Donna the definition is always one click away.

  • See what it refers to

    Can’t remember what clause that cross-reference points? Just highlight to find out.

  • Organized overviews

    Quickly review all key money amounts or dates in a contract using Donna’s handy overviews.

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Quick Fixes

Breeze through proofreading suggestions with a 'quick fix' that lets you sort out issues in one click.

issues fixed
66 464

Highlight Important Details

With one click you can add highlights throughout the entire document as well as select key information to view its context.

scrolling reduced
11 000 km

Insert Cross-References

A smart search that lets you quickly find and insert cross-references without making you scroll through endless numbered lists.

clicks avoided
3 million

A great hire shouldn’t need a 100 days

Over 80% of users who hire Donna are a productive team within 30 minutes.

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to get started. Just download the app and open a document.

  • No set-up or adjustments required on your part. Really! Donna is ready to analyze contracts from day one.

  • You are in good hands with Donna. Join us on a 1-to-1 onboarding call or find us in our chat.

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