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How Donna helps you

Donna works with you to make contract proofreading more productive and fun.

Mistakes highlighted for you

Donna flags over 100 typical contract oversights and arranges them into 'Suggestion' cards that you can easily review.


...means the legal entity listed inSchedule A.

Reference Not Found

Donna couldn't find the clause this refers to.

See it, fix it, sorted

Missing cross references, quotation marks, Donna lets you fix an issue with just one simple click.


...excess of $1000 (two thousand USD) as a result...

Use $1000
Information at your fingertips

Stop the endless scrolling. Donna's handy overviews and previews help you navigate contracts with speed and ease.


...obligation that the Parties may otherwise...


The Buyer and Seller shall be referred to as the "Parties".

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No, we can't read your contracts

Donna is a proud GCP sponsored startup and we use Google's cloud services to analyze documents at lightning speeds. But we know how important security is for you and your firm and have taken every step to ensure a safe platform.

We actually design our systems to destroy the data as it's being processed. What's yours stays yours.

Legal Tech Made Easy

A legal tech tool you'll actually want to use.

  • Plugin for Microsoft Word

    Donna works where you review.

  • Intuitive and easy to use

    You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

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    No sales pitch, just download and start.

  • Bite size tutorials to help you become a pro

    So you can make the most of Donna.

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    We're here if you get stuck or just fancy a chat

  • Book a personalized onboarding

    Just like our tutorial videos but live and just for you ❤️


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