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Technology can be scary
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Donna is an intuitive tool that 70% of our users master all by themselves. Need a little bit more help? We offer free onboarding calls and ♥️ doing them.

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Technology that actually gets used

Don't be fooled by Donna's simplicity. It will likely become the highest Return on Investment change that you can make within your firm.

What's the point of a long list of features if nobody enjoys using them. That's why we constantly ask ourselves the following questions when designing, testing and tweaking every feature.

  • Understandable.
    Is key information easily accessible. Is it clear where to move next.
  • Coherent.
    Do things behave consistently? When adding a new feature which others can we remove.
  • Cohesive.
    Does Donna fit within a lawyer's larger workflow? We don't want to re-invent the wheel or introduce boundaries.
  • Exciting.
    We aim to be professional, but not boring. We're always looking for opportunities to delight a user.

It's amazing what technology can do when it doesn't try to do too much.

Donna's small improvements to your workflows quickly compound and can achieve truly staggering results. Donna has saved thousands of printed pages, helped teams with retaining talent and more.


When I came across Donna about a year ago, I could immediately see it was different from the rest ... What really set it apart for me was the design and user experience. It is very intuitive to use, which is crucial in getting our lawyers to actually use it! Read more...

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Alex Solo
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