How It Started

Our CEO wrote his first license agreement when he was 11 years old...

...assisting his mother's legal department as a summer intern. Working to help them transition from Word Perfect to Word he experienced first hand how frustrating the tools and processes can be for lawyers. Right there, the idea for Donna was born.


Although we're a diverse bunch, we have one thing in common. We love to see the excitement of our users when we first introduce them to Donna.
🇳🇱 Rik Nauta
Co-Founder / CEO
Born without shame; Rik can powernap anywhere, anytime.
🇸🇪 Anton Södergren
Like any self respecting text-analysis expert Anton enjoys a good game of "regular-expression golf".
🇿🇲 Gertrude Chilufya
Growth / Sales
Gertrude knows what she wants and knows how to get it.
🇺🇸 Michelle Hawkins
Fullstack Developer
Michelle loves to take things apart to find out how they work.
🇮🇸 Valthor Halldorsson
ML/AI Developer
His home made DVORAK-keyboard layout makes his laptop useless for any other mortal.

We're always looking for smart, creative and fun people to join our team.


We’re proud to be working closly with some of the world’s most forward thinking investors and mentors
David Helgason
Co-founder of Unity, the most successful game engine in the world. Turns any idea into a grand vision. Also...he's hilarious.
Founders AS
Founders is a VC / Startup Studio that partners with entrepreneurs to build products and companies that improve how we work.
Hampus Jakobsson
Co-founder of TAT, the UI-technology company used by Android and sold to Blackberry. Any startup founder's dream-angel.
Robin Alleson
Inner Balloons /
Founder of multiple successful NLP startups, the AI text analysis company sold to Yext. Can turn any mundane job into an addictive gameified…
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We wouldn't be where we are today without the amazing people at these companies

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