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Rik Nautas profile

Rik Nauta

CEO / Co-founder

Valthor Haldorssons profile

Valthor Haldorsson

Senior Software Engineer & Co-founder

Dagna Oliwas profile

Dagna Oliwa

Head of Marketing

Simon Holms profile

Simon Holm

Senior Front-End Engineer

Tadeas Petaks profile

Tadeas Petak

Senior Software Engineer

Sara Birde Lissmyrs profile

Sara Birde Lissmyr

Head of Team & Client Engagement

We're on a Mission!

To replace the robot in every lawyer by making tedious tasks like contract drafting more productive and fun.

That’s why we built Donna as true ‘Assistive Intelligence’. AI that compliments a lawyer's skill sets with the right information at exactly the right time. So you can spend more time on valuable work or having a lunch break instead of searching for missing references.

Donna Team in the yellow room at the Malmö office
A pivot which lead to Donna
Office in Malmö, Sweden
Seed series raised from respected investors


We are backed by these outstanding individuals with their own impressive success stories.

  • Point Nine Capital

    Point Nine Capital

    A portfolio anyone would dream of

    Point Nine is the VC behind more than 100 successful startups, including Clio (Legal Practice Management Platform) and Juro (Contract Management Software) in the legal space.

  • David Helgason

    David Helgason

    Technologist, founder and entrepreneur

    David is the founder behind the game engine Unity Technologies. He also backs ambitious entrepreneurs as partner at Nordic Makers.

  • Hampus Jakobsson

    Hampus Jakobsson

    Malmö startup rain maker

    Having sold his technology company TAT to Blackberry. Hampus is now a business angel and venture partner at BlueYard Capital & HAJAK AB.

  • Jack Newton

    Jack Newton

    Clio co-founder

    Jack is the founder behind Clio, a legal practice management company. He's also the author behind 'The Client-Centred Law Firm'.

  • Stefano Zorzi

    Stefano Zorzi

    Serial investor and entrepreneur

    Stefano is behind Copenhagen based startup studio Founders. That's helping turn product ideas into independent companies.

  • Robin Allenson

    Robin Allenson

    CEO, co-founder & angel investor

    Robin founded an AI company for local SEO, acquired by Yext. He also co-founded, using AI to scale SEO. He invests and advises tech start-ups.

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