Why we price Donna the way we do…

From enterprise software to consumer apps. Here’s a little insight into why we price Donna the way we do and what it means for you.

Every doggie has its price

Why does Donna only cost me $25/month?

Every so often I have a chat conversation with someone on our website that looks a bit like this:

“I would like to double check your pricing, is Donna only $25 / month? Are there any other hidden fees or extras costs?”

“You read it right! Donna is $25 / month if you’re a single user and $35 / month per active user if you’re a team. There are no other hidden fees”

“So why is a competing product charging me more than twice the amount”

“Yes, sorry about that”

“So, your software just doesn’t have the same features, right?’

“Actually, it’s pretty extensive, why don’t you sign-up to our 14-day free trial and test out Donna to see if it works for you.” 🤷‍

Why we price Donna the way we do…

🛑 Let’s stop the ‘enterprise-ness’ of legal software

For too long the legal industry has been led by enterprise-grade software. That’s why you’re stuck using that tool that looks like MS Word from the 90’s. We believe that legal tech software should look, work and cost like the consumer apps we use in our daily lives.

Forget that expensive sales team, leaving you countless voicemails and demanding endless meetings for 9 months. We want to set the expectation that free trials are the norm in our industry and that every lawyer should be able to test software for themselves. Making software so prohibitively expensive that it needs to go past your CFO for sign-off only puts a limit on innovation. The best innovation comes from self-realisation, when your lawyers test tools and figure out what works for them.

That’s why I get equally excited when I see someone sign-up to Donna using their gmail address. It tells me they are trying out our tool in their own time. Why should we put up any more barriers. Often, we’ll even see these users pay out of their own pocket because they don’t want the hassle of going through countless approvals and purchasing. If this is you - you’re our hero! Don’t hesitate to reach out, and let us know, we’ll help you find a way to bring Donna into your organisation.

🏃‍♂️ Pay for active users, what is that?

We have a similar ‘no barrier’ approach with our team and enterprise users, for whom we offer ‘pay for active user’ pricing.

How does it work? You pay for those who use Donna in that given month. Because not all software is always adopted by all your lawyers straight away, some users take a bit more time to get onboard. We don’t want to penalise your business for your team’s inclination to adopt new technology. This model isn’t often seen in legal tech, but it’s worked in plenty of other industries by removing a common barrier to adoption.

Plus it gives you added flexibility, because your business is not static. Sometimes you have a slow month, sometimes team members go on sabbaticals and sometimes the dog just ate your contract. 😉 It works because it incentivises us as a company to build great legal software that your lawyers will use, and it doesn’t stop you from adopting great legal software because you need to figure out who will use it. It’s a different approach but it’s not rocket science.

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