Simple AI (Assistive Intelligence) tools with a big impact

7 simple AI tools that are a must-have for law firms of any size. Brilliantly intuitive, simple to adopt and will transform everyday mundane tasks into something fun.

Improving law firm productivity

Have you ever used a tool or app that was so intuitive and helpful that you couldn’t stop yourself recommending to a colleague or friend?

Traditionally technology for lawyers has been feature-rich but overly complicated. Software systems take a long time to configure and adopt within a firm, often falling short of their promises.

Now there is a new wave of startups building extremely intuitive Assistive Intelligence tools that will help law firms of any size thrive. By combining simplicity with a great user experience, they’re overhauling mundane everyday work tasks, with the help of AI.

Here’s a round-up of our favourite Assistive Intelligence apps that will help you boost productivity, grow your law firm, and put a smile on your face.

AI powered Assistive Intelligence


Meeting transcription, at the speed of thought.

Whether its internal meetings, client conversations or witness interviews, Otter lets you record conversations on your phone or web browser. It instantly transcribes them, which means you can actually focus on your meeting rather than note taking. Otter is smart enough to keep track of different speakers and lets you easily polish any mistakes it might make. Plus anytime that you do, Otter’s AI gets better at identifying your voice and vocabulary. Transcribed notes mean you can also search conversations for keywords and share with team members and they are so much more accurate than hand notes, an added bonus for meticulous attorneys.

What users love about it: simple to use, incredible time saver, affordable for individual users or small firms.


Automated time tracking, without wasting time.

No more manual time tracking of billable hours, Timely’s AI works it out for you. It runs in the background on your laptop and phone and tracks which apps you use and which documents you open, and silently assigns them to projects being worked on. Timely’s beautiful interface makes it really easy to teach the AI to interpret signals to specific projects for a perfect record of your time and billables.

What users love about it: setup-and-forget, recaptures lost time.


Document drafting you’ll fall in love with again.

Donna is an AI add-in for popular word editors like Microsoft Word that helps lawyers draft and review agreements in a fraction of the time and with a lot less mistakes. Need to remember a defined term, no need to scroll endlessly, Donna will be ready to show you the definition. Doing a final review, let Donna highlight only relevant information. Donna identifies over 100 typical legal drafting mistakes that the human eye might have missed and provides Quickfixes where possible. Together with an intuitive interface and a friendly tone this is an app to fall in love with.

What users love about it: no training required - start and go, incredible time saver, amazing team and chat support.


Chat app that turns website visitors into new clients.

Intercom provides a chat button for your website that allows visitors to send you a message. Unlike a traditional “Contact Us” form you can reply instantly and catch potential leads when they are ready to speak to you. Too busy to answer, just build your own custom AI chatbot to collect all the information you need to deal with the request later. Plus you can nudge visitors at the right time to ensure they don’t leave the page without giving you a way to follow up.

What users love about it: brings in more business, simple enough to add to any website even if you’re not a developer.


Google alerts for your CRM.

The easiest way to grow your bottom line is by getting more work from your existing clients. Index knows this and invest a lot of time towards nurturing those relationships. How? Index will notify you when there’s an opportunity to reconnect. Maybe a client you drafted a legal agreement for last year announced a new funding round. Or how about a quick congratulations to a client who just received a promotion. Index finds and makes sure that you seize every opportunity to follow up with key contacts at exactly the right time, so you can stay top of mind.

What users love about it: like Google alerts but smarter, does the reminding for you, relationship builder.

A spending tool that eliminates receipts.

Expense tracking can turn into a nightmare every month. Pleo has completely simplified and automated the experience so your accountant no longer needs to waste countless hours chasing for receipts. Just assign Pleo’s payment cards to employees, who take photos of receipts, so you as a manager can keep track of spending in real-time. All the data is synced from Pleo to your accounting software, with just a few clicks.

What users love about it: saves a ton of time, slick app, automates finance.


Case management with complete flexibility.

Solo lawyers might be able to keep track of all cases in their head. But once a firm starts to grow it’s important to ensure that cases are handled in a timely manner. Clio makes it easy to take your firm to the next level by providing a complete and intuitive package to help you organise calendars, handle billing and invoicing, organise projects, and engage with clients. Even larger firms have started to abandon their own custom tools in favour of Clio’s proven ecosystem.

What users love about it: complete package, great onboarding and helpful support.

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