Donna can now turn back time. And help you save yours.
A new feature to help you jump between recently edited clauses. Inspired by our time at Mishcon de Reya.
TLDR; By clicking on the “History” icon you can now get an overview of all the clauses you have recently edited or placed your cursor in. By clicking the focus button you can jump straight back and continue where you left off. If you have a clause you need to jump back to particularly often you can also pin it, to ensure it stays near the top.
History Tracking is still in an early release so we’ll be making a lot of additional improvements in the coming days. Such as the ability to show which paragraphs you recently changed, and a more intelligent system for selecting which clauses to remember.
But it’s a delightfully simple feature that seems to be of huge assistance to the users that tested it early.
How It Came to Be
The last few weeks we’ve been working closely with the Mishcon de Reya LAB team. Through the program we’ve been given unprecedented and unrestricted access to their amazing lawyers. The first few weeks we spent our time simply observing. Sitting behind some amazingly skilled lawyers as they worked through some amazingly complex agreements. When suddenly one of them mentioned something interesting.
“I just need to go and print this document”
At first we didn’t think anything about it but when I asked why the answer was surprising.
“Because otherwise I need to keep scrolling up and down when I’m reading”.
Diving deeper it became clear that he had been dealing with a very annoying limitation in their current software systems. Like so many law-firms Mishcon de Reya uses iManage to ensure that versions of documents are handled correctly. It prevents two lawyers from editing the same document at the same time, thus preventing a lot of problems with “text that has vanished”.
But this lock also prevents a single user from opening the same document multiple times. This isn’t usually a problem, but when reading longer agreements you might need to refer to another point in the document to look something up. And finding your way back to the place where you were typing is annoying at best and time consuming at worst.
We already had a feature that helped with this somewhat, Side Notes. By clicking on a defined term Donna would show the definition of that term for instance. But the new History Tracking feature also makes it possible to scroll up, copy a piece of text, click history and jump right back to where you were last editing.
Credit Where Credit is Due
To be honest, most of the ideas around this feature have come directly from you...our amazing users. After Tom graciously shared his ideas on how it should work, we were able to quickly test some concepts and get your feedback (he was pretty spot on!).
And so a huge thank you to all of those involved. We truly love working for a community as kind and intelligent as ours!
As a thank you Tom is now the proud owner of a Donna pop-socket. Just like Donna something simple but practical that makes everyday life just a little bit better. Envy one? Just share with us your ideas, problems or introductions and we’ll happily send you one as well!
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