Donna gets a powerful update

Donna's search function get a powerful upgrade, along with improved suggestion cards and a handy new user dashboard.

Search scrabble

Over the summer we heard a lot of feedback from you - our fantastic users. So of course we’ve been busy crafting these into our latest update. The result is a much simpler and easier to use Donna with a lot of new and exciting updates to tell you about.

The upgraded menu

Upgraded Menu Bar

Search with superpowers

Donna's search is now much more powerful, allowing you to streamline tasks.

  • Search results are now highlighted in [gray], so you can spot them easily when scrolling through your document. We’ll also temporarily turn off any other highlights while you’re searching.
  • Search results are also organised by corresponding card type. For example all suggestions are grouped together making it easier to Snooze them right from your search results.
  • We simplified how to get an overview of one particular card type. For an overview of all suggestions just enter @type:suggestions into the search bar. Similarly @type:definition to see a list of all definitions.

Over the week we’ll continue to make improvements to search - which will include an autocomplete function so when you type @ you’ll get a list of all filter types. Plus we’ll be sharing some of the new filters we’re working on!

Highlights are crystal clear

New Donna Highlights 1 Now there’s a drop down list of all available highlights in Donna with a handy short description. This is where you can select which type of highlights you may want to review in your document.

A new main menu

This is where you’ll find a new handy dashboard, explained in more detail below. As well as our friendly chat support - in case you want to talk to our team and continue to give us your amazing feedback.

Cards are much smarter

Improved cards 1

  • Cards now have a bold descriptive heading, which tells you exactly what you’re looking at.
  • For more information and an explanation of why we suggested something, you can always click on the more information link.
  • 'Scroll to' lets you easily navigate to the exact place in the document where you need to make your related edits.
  • 'Eye icon' gives you a little bit more context including quotes from the document.
  • 'Snooze' a suggestion or 'Snooze Multiple' suggestions by selecting or deselecting the few you want to look at.

The mighty dashboard - an administrators dream

Our new user dashboard is a handy way to see all the information related to your Donna account including:

  • Subscription and billing details
  • An option to book in for a 1-to-1 session
  • How to get started with Donna video

Administrators, the dashboard is also great way to keep track of Donna adoption in your organisation.

You can use it to:

  • Add and remove users
  • View a list of active users
  • Stay on top of your organisation’s billing details

Since you only pay for active users, the dashboard will help you keep track of this. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more metrics and insights to the dashboard to help you understand exactly the impact that Donna is having within your team.

A small update to how you sign in

When you open up Donna in Microsoft Word, you’ll still be asked to enter your email address. Instead of a verification code you will receive an email with a sign-in link. Clicking on the link will take you to your dashboard and will also automatically log you in to the app.

Saying goodbye to Office Online

We’re temporarily suspending support for Office Online due to incompatible API changes by Microsoft. To support all Office Online users, we’ll be working on a native MacOS version that will be coming in the next few months.

As always, thank you to all of you who provide us with this invaluable feedback. Please continue sharing your ideas, problems and suggestions with us and we’ll happily send you a Donna pop-socket to make your everyday life just a little bit easier.

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