How to use Quick Parts to add frequently used text in Word documents

Word Hacks for Lawyers #4 • Use Quick Parts in Word to automatically add frequently used text or images into your legal documents.

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How to use Quick Parts to save frequently used text

Do you have boilerplate text that you constantly reuse in certain legal contracts or documents? Text like a favourite or client specific clause or even an eSignature. To stop you searching and copying/pasting repeatable information, you can use the Quick Parts feature in Microsoft Word.

Quick parts or Autotext as it's sometimes referred to, allows you to save a frequently used piece of text or image, so you can quickly insert it in any new document that you’re creating. It's a great time saver that stops you from searching through the contract management system, time after time for that specific clause or text.

How to save text or an image in Quick Parts

  1. Select the piece of text or image that you would like to save to Quick Parts
  2. Find ‘Quick Parts’ on the 'Insert tab' and click on it
  3. Click on the ‘Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery’
  4. Name the piece of text or image you want to save so you can easily recall it
  5. Create a new category so you can easily group favourite text together
  6. Select ‘Ok’

How to insert Quick Part text into your legal document

  1. Find ‘Quick Parts’ on the Insert tab and click on it
  2. You should see all your saved text populated
  3. Just click on the specific text that you want to insert into your legal document

You can also follow along with our video guide.

Creative uses of Quick Parts for lawyers

  • Favourite or client specific clauses
  • eSignatures or an entire signature block
  • Requests for depositions
  • Discovery letters
  • Affidavits
  • Headers (with your firm's logo)

Go ahead build your own personalised library of your most used legal content so you don’t have to waste anymore time those drafting legal documents.

If you're looking for more Word time saving tips, take a look our post - How to create shortcuts for all your legal symbols.

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