How to quickly add a table of contents into your legal documents

Word Hacks for Lawyers #3 • Create a table of contents with just a few clicks.

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Whether it's for a brief or a long legal contract sometimes you’ll need to add in a table of contents (TOC) into your documents. If you have used Styles to build the headings in your document then follow along with the steps below to set up a TOC in just a few clicks. If you haven’t worked with Styles previously then you’ll first need to set up Heading Styles in your document. Take a look at our post 'How to use Word Styles in your legal documents'.

If your Heading Styles are already setup

  1. Find the 'References' tab
  2. Click on the 'Table of Contents'
  3. Select one of the 'Automatic Options' if you want to use the default Word TOC formatting
  4. Alternatively, choose to create a custom FTOC

Or follow along with our video as we walk you through it step by step.

We recommend creating a custom TOC, if you would like to edit any of the below items:

  • The number of heading levels that appear in your TOC (the default is Headings 1-3).
  • The tab leader. The default is the dot, but you can use dashes, lines or nothing at all.
  • If you would like to hyperlink your headings so that they are easily clickable.
  • The formatting of page numbers.

Amending your TOC

If you spot a mistake in your TOC, don't make the fix directly in your TOC. Otherwise when you update the TOC all your changes will be lost. Make sure to make the correction to the Headings in your document.

Before you send out your document, just make sure that your TOC is updated. Click within the TOC and an 'Update the TOC' button should appear. Make sure to update the entire table.

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