A trainee solicitor’s tip on how to improve your legal writing

Callum Close, trainee solicitor at London law firm Mishcon de Reya shares his experience of using Donna, the super spell-checker.

Callum Close Trainee Solicitor

Try Donna the super spell-checker!

We managed to catch a bit of time with Callum Close, a trainee litigation solicitor at London law firm Mishcon de Reya, about his experience with using Donna, the AI assistant that helps lawyers produce higher quality documents, faster. In his line of work Callum is usually the first to illustrate the complex story behind a case - drafting lengthy witness statements and affidavits that need to stand up to layers of scrutiny, both in court and at the firm. He’s been using Donna for document review and here’s what he had to say.

First impressions count

Callum was genuinely surprised at how straightforward it was to get started with Donna and navigate in the app.

“I’ve not used a tool like Donna before, but you can’t really go wrong, the app is really simple to navigate. I didn’t have to sit through any training video or manuals, Donna works just the way you would expect it to. ”

From draft to review

A typical work week for Callum will normally involve drafting hundreds of pages of lengthy legal documents from scratch.

“When I start a new document, I like to get into the flow of writing, that’s when it's really easy to forget the smaller details - like capitalising definitions or cross-checking references. Donna is really visual and brings to the forefront any undefined terms, names, dates or other key items I might have missed when writing in the moment.”

Which is really handy because Callum’s document will normally move up the internal chain of command at the firm. Firstly to be reviewed by an associate and later by a partner, and neither wants to spend his or her time fixing a draft for simple legal typos.

“This is how Donna acts as a safety net - more importantly she helps me make sure that any of my documents that go to court, look professional and are taken seriously by a judge” adds Callum.

From paper to screen

A surprising perk we discovered, whilst observing Callum in the flow - he now feels more comfortable reviewing documents on his screen, rather then printing out copies to review by hand and re-scan.

We’re really glad to hear that Donna not only makes reviewing documents on screen more user friendly but that she’s helping to save some paper and trees in the process too!

Thank you for the feedback

Whilst Callum has been using Donna, he’s also been able to provide us with plenty of feedback on how to customise Donna even further for litigation work. We always appreciate hearing directly from our users on how we can make Donna even wittier and more useful. Thanks Callum!

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