2020 a year like no other

Farewell 2020! A little reflection on what kept us going during this unusual year and what you can expect from Donna in 2021.

A giant leap for lawyerkind

A different kind of year 🤔

We started 2020 with grand plans here at Donna. Soon to find out that it would turn out to be a year of pivots and adapting. One of the things we look forward to most is meeting with you and hearing your feedback and inspiring stories and it was gutting not being able to do that in person this year. Still over 160 of you joined us in our onboarding calls this year, and your stories and suggestions really helped inspire and shape our year.

The new online reality 💻

Home working became the new reality in March and brought with it its own challenges. Juggling a home office without key equipment like a printer, quickly became the new norm for many of you. The thought of completing a 100-page contract review completely on screen was daunting. Many of you decided to take us up on our ‘work from home offer’ and made the switch to a digital sidekick. Thank you 💝

Moving rapidly online, meant that we had to embrace Zoom or similar platforms for staying in touch with colleagues, clients and even family members. Yet despite all the calls, it was hard to recreate the buzz that you get from spontaneous office conversations. Being tech curious our team experimented with a number of different tools this year, and we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you. Tandem & Collabify - really helped us get into the flow of spontaneous virtual working.

A giant leap for legal 🎿

Innovation did not stop this year, in fact it jumped forward tenfold in the legal industry. Moving to the cloud, better knowledge management systems, hardware upgrades we’re just a few of the big projects you told us about. Many of you also gave us the opportunity to run Donna pilots with your firms this year. We’ve collected all our learnings and hope these are a source of inspiration to you, when you’re next evaluating a new piece of legal tech.

Feedback that made us melt 🥰

In a year that’s mostly described as doom and gloom, you surprised us with some really positive feedback. You really enjoyed the addition of the quick fix options and the noticeable speed improvements when analysing larger documents. But the number one thing we continued to hear from you is how usable Donna is following our big suggestions makeover. Thank you! It melted our hearts hearing this.

Looking forward to 2021 🎇

And we’re excited to announce that we are expanding our design/UX team this January. Making legal tech software that is useable by everyone including the biggest skeptics in your firm, is our number one goal. So you can expect an even more intuitive Donna experience from the moment you download right through to tracking team adoption on our new dashboard.

As we head into the new year, the primary focus for us will be making sure that any ‘suggestion’ mistakes are genuine edge cases that rarely come up. You should already see a big difference in January, when we launch the second part of Donna’s AI update to cross-references, dates, and amounts. Which means finally those annoying cross-reference suggestions will be a thing of the past. We'll continue to refine edge cases throughout the year, so please help us train Donna’s brain by sharing any anomalies you see via our in-app chat.

And finally the big update that we’re most excited to reveal in 2021 will be the launch of Donna’s snippet / clause library. When it comes to contract drafting, so many of you have those favourite clauses that have been perfected over the years. Or even client-specific text that you end up searching for over and over. The goal will be to make sure that these are as easy to insert into your document as one of Donna's cross-references. So stay tuned for more details.

Farewell 2020 👋

As this unusual year finally comes to an end, now is the time to reflect and celebrate all of your achievements, big and small. You’ve persevered, adapted and connected online in a way that most of us never even imagined back in January. For this we salute you.

From all of us here at Donna.

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