Donna® Makes Drafting
Agreements Fun

Find & Fix Mistakes
Do you enjoy proofreading your agreements? Have Donna check every reference, defined term, comma, and more for you instead.
Capture & Share Knowledge
Donna automatically learns to help you and your colleagues deliver consistent quality and style to your clients.

What Makes Donna Special?

Avoid Costly Mistakes
Donna checks your agreements for 100's of "hard to find" mistakes that could cause ambiguity in court.
Truly Compatible
Donna's fixes are saved as Track Changes in the original Word document. All formatting stays intact.
Instant ROI
Any lawyer can get setup and learn how to use Donna within 5 minutes. No IT-department needed. Simplicity is key.
Automatic Learning
Donna does not require special formatting to work. She reads legal text just like humans do. And as you work with her she learns which issues you care most about.
Unique for You
Donna never shares what she learns with others; only you and your firm can use the knowledge she captures from your documents.
Supercharge Productivity
Use Donna to quickly correct broken automatic-numbering, reorder defined terms, change variables, and more.

Sounds Great, What's Next?

Experience Donna's AI powers yourself. When you're ready, invite your colleagues.
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What People Say About Us

"No matter how diligently I proofread myself, Donna always finds something that me and my colleagues missed. And she can help me whenever I need!"
Jorika van Duijn
Ipsis Pactis, Sweden
"The other products we tried were like that annoying colleague that runs into your office every 2 minutes confused about something trivial. Donna just takes care of it and only politely knocks when she found something important."
Jacob Toole
Manner and Black, Washington
"It's amazing how such a simple and beautiful product can change so little about my workflow, but have such a radical impact on my productivity. The Donna team really understands what is important for us."
Amir Assit
Legal Assist, Dubai
"At first I was sceptical about the 'automatic learning' thinking that I would have to put in a lot of time before she would find anything useful. But Donna really did a great job without any training and just gets better every time I enjoy working with her. The ROI is great...because there is no investment!"
Karin P.
Top 100 Global Law-Firm