Donna® is an AI assistant that brings joy to lawyers
Spend less time with boring, repetitive tasks and more time loving your job as a creative problem solver.
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Who is Donna
Donna is a Microsoft Word add-in that speeds up and improves the contract drafting process. She will help you find important issues, quickly navigate oceans of text, and understand agreements faster.
Ensure that the details are perfect
Did your colleague forget to define a term? Or did they paste in a clause without updating the references? Donna can make sure these oversights are caught early by automatically suggesting fixes.
Find your way around with ease
Quickly find definitions, placeholders, references, amounts, dates and more. This makes it easier than ever to understand and make changes to complicated agreements.
Syntax Highlighting
Related information at a glance
Forget about going back and forth in a document to lookup how a term was defined. Select a color-coded piece of text and Donna will show you the information you need.
...And Many More Amazing Features
Experience yourself how Donna will help you get done more in a fraction of the time. You wish you had a Donna years ago!
Why people* love Donna
The other products we tried were like that annoying colleague that runs into your office every 2 minutes confused about something trivial. Donna just takes care of it and only politely knocks when she found something important.
Jacob Toole
Manner and Black, Washington 🇺🇸
We have been huge fans of Donna. I think it's a really exciting product, simple and effective. And the Donna team has been amazing to work with, they're always available on the in-app chat.
Alex Plurin
HighSpeed Law, Sydney 🇦🇺
No matter how diligently I proofread myself, Donna always finds something that me and my colleagues missed. And she can help me whenever I need!
Jorika van Strand
Ipsis Pactore, Sweden 🇸🇪
It's amazing how such a simple and beautiful product can change so little about my work-flow, but have such a radical impact on my productivity. The Donna team really understands what is important for us.
Amir Assit
Legal Assist, Dubai 🇦🇪
*These are real user testemonials but the identities have been slightly altered to avoid privacy concerns.
Will AI replace me?
Donna doesn't replace a lawyer with a robot. Donna replaces the robot within a lawyer. We built our AI to be true Assistive Intelligence.
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Donna has analyzed more than 500.000 agreements for users across the world
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