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Who knew a simple Word Add-In could be so effective.
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Smart people like you have asked us a lot of smart questions. So we've collected the answers here for you.
Will AI replace me?
Donna doesn't replace a lawyer with a robot. Donna replaces the robot WITHIN a lawyer.
We built our AI to be true Assistive Intelligence.
How do I know that my data is secure?
Donna is not a contract management tool, which means she doesn’t store contract data.
And although in the future she could help and share your knowledge with your colleagues, she will never share any firm specific information with your competitors.
And naturally we employ the highest standards of security, which you can read all about in our security brochure. Just contact our team.
What languages does Donna work with?
Donna is completely fluent in English and Swedish at the moment.
Donna is used by lawyers in over 39 different countries, so we will absolutely work towards supporting more langagues in the future.
Does Donna recognise different styles of definitions, such as tables?
Donna uses sophisticated AI to recognise any style(s) you use. You can use quotes, bolding, tables or even just a normal sentence.
You just keep doing what you were doing before and Donna will tailor herself to you. The same is true for references, dates, terms, etc.
We've bought legal-tech before but very few people used it.
Donna is super simple to install and very easy to master. You will be surprised who in your firm will become her biggest fan!
We see Donna's simplicity, friendly character, and intuitiveness as her greatest strengths. That's why most of our users are drafting legal documents with Donna’s help in just a few minutes.
And if you ever do get stuck we’re available on the in-app chat so feel free to say hello.
Help! I'd like to try Donna but we are not allowed to install programs.
Feel free to use the chat below to put us in touch with your IT department. We’ll reach out straight away and provide them with all the information they need to test out Donna and roll-out in your business.
Luckily Donna is a simple add-in, so this is pretty straight forward for them too. So together we can get you to enjoy Donna in record time.
Have we answered your questions?
Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. Otherwise give Donna a try; you two will make a great team!
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