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Your helping hand in contract drafting.
Donna does everything you wish Microsoft Word could.

A person comfortably floating above an hourglass with Donna putthing a hand on their shoulder.

Who is Donna?

An AI Microsoft Word plugin with character.

Donna cares about the details just as much as you do

We’ve got you covered! Donna’s suggestions can help you quickly fix 100 of the most common legal proofreading oversights. Leaving you time to focus on those important contract details.

Donna gives you a helping hand

Donna is that helping hand that turns robotic MS Word workflows like inserting cross-references and highlighting placeholders into smart, one-click tasks.

Donna keeps key information at your fingertips.

Donna helps you stay on track by making key contract information easily accessible. Even in the middle of a 100-page contract, now you can understand the context of a defined term or key date when you need it most.

Donna can help with

Let's get into the details

It’s about the craft —
not the tech

A helping hand when you need it. Out of your way when you don’t.

Getting started with new technology doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. With Donna there is no complicated set-up or AI training required. Just start and go. Donna will be there in the background working side by side with you, without slowing you down or taking over.


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