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Donna is a plug-in for Microsoft Word that highlights and links relevant information and suggestions in contracts. Stay productive without getting stuck in tedious tasks.

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Seller means Stark Industries, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York.

Buyer means the legal entity listed in Schedule A.

Indemnification. The Seller shall indemnify the Buyer for losses in excess of $1000 (two thousand USD) as a result of the failure of a Receivable to be originated in compliance with all requirements of law.

This indemnity obligation shall be in addition to any obligation that the Parties may otherwise have.

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A better way to write contracts

Donna doesn't try to replace a lawyer with a robot.
Donna replaces the robot within a lawyer.

Work through your checklist, without feeling like a robot

Donna can identify hundreds of common mistakes and makes it easy to fix them. So you can be confident in the quality of the documents you deliver to your clients.

  • Defined Terms

    Donna brings up defined terms in their context. So you can quickly review if definitions are used consistently and without ambiguity.

  • References

    Broken and missing cross-references aren't easy to spot. Donna combs through that hundred page contract and identifies them for you.

  • Small (but important) Details

    Issues with formatting, punctuation, these are the small but important final details that Donna helps you find. Go on, hit send on that contract and feel 100% confident.

Not using the Defined Term

Did you mean Purchaser?

Use the Defined Term

Lawyer friendly workflows

If your car can park itself why do you still have to click 20 buttons to insert a cross-reference? Watch Donna upgrade your Microsoft Word “hacks”.

  • Inserting Cross-References

    We've simplified how you insert a cross-reference. Because let's face it, cross-references in Word take way too many clicks.

  • Checking Definitions

    Duplicate definitions, undefined terms, and many more. These are exactly the sorts of legal oversights that Donna detects for you.

  • Highlighting Placeholders

    A handy overview of all placeholders helps you avoid template mistakes and lets you add placeholder highlights in one click.

Sharmila Giri Profile

Donna is really simple to navigate, you really can't go wrong.

Frank Vandroome Profile

I really like that I can click and see the definition anywhere in the contract.

Jeffrey Herbert Profile

Donna always finds something I missed.

200k+ Contracts Analysed

We all know contracts need to be perfect. But proofreading is not something clients like to pay for. And the more you read the same document the more difficult it becomes to spot problems.

Undefined Terms
Unused Definitions
Broken References


A simple price, whatever your size

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Supercharge your contracts.

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  • No lock-in, cancel anytime

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Free 14-day trial


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Free 14-day trial


We offer a comprehensive 4 week pilot program to give you all the data you need to make an informed decision and plan for adopting Donna within your organisation.

Frequently asked questions

Why type of AI is Donna?

Donna uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to recognise important contract details that save you time and a lot of scrolling back and forth.

Which languages does Donna work with?

Donna is completely fluent in English and is learning Swedish. Interested in other languages? Get in touch to see if a Donna language pilot could be right for your organisation.

Does Donna correct spelling?

Not at the moment. Currently Donna handles: definitions, references, dates, money amounts, formatting for clarity, and final contract details.

Do I need to enter my card details to start the free trial?

We'll only ask you to add payment details if you want to continue using Donna after your 14 day free trial.

I don't have permission to install Donna. What can I do?

We can reach out to your IT department with all the information they need to roll-out Donna. Feel free to use the chat below to send us their contact details.

What does pay for active user mean?

If there are 30 people in your firm with a Donna account, and in January only one person actually uses Donna. You'll only ever pay for that single user. Donna is a low risk investment.

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Assistive Intelligence that helps you feel less like a robot and more like a lawyer.

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