Donna® Makes Being a
Lawyer Fun

Because spending less time on detailed robotic tasks gives you more time to creatively solve your clients' needs.

Who is Donna?

Donna is a Microsoft Word plugin that speeds up the contract drafting and review process. With Donna you can navigate to important details, view snippets of relevant information, and improve details with suggested changes.
Navigate Dates, Money, Parties…
See an overview of all important dates, parties and numbers in the document. With a simple click have Donna navigate there for you.
See Defined Terms and Their Use
Select any word to see how it was defined in the document. You can also navigate to all the places the term is referenced to make sure it was used correctly.
Ensure that the Details are Perfect
Did your colleague forget to define a term? Or did they paste in a clause without updating the references? Donna can make sure these oversights are caught early by automatically suggesting fixes.
Related Information at a Glance
Forget about going back and forth in a document. Select any paragraph and Donna will show you snippets for all the referenced terms and clauses.

...And Many More Amazing Features

Experience yourself how easy Donna is to work with. Become more productive than ever and focus on what you enjoy most as a lawyer.
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What People Say About Us

"No matter how diligently I proofread myself, Donna always finds something that me and my colleagues missed. And she can help me whenever I need!"
Jorika van Duijn
Ipsis Pactis, Sweden
"The other products we tried were like that annoying colleague that runs into your office every 2 minutes confused about something trivial. Donna just takes care of it and only politely knocks when she found something important."
Jacob Toole
Manner and Black, Washington
"It's amazing how such a simple and beautiful product can change so little about my workflow, but have such a radical impact on my productivity. The Donna team really understands what is important for us."
Amir Assit
Legal Assist, Dubai
"At first I was sceptical about the 'automatic learning' thinking that I would have to put in a lot of time before she would find anything useful. But Donna really did a great job without any training and just gets better every time I enjoy working with her. The ROI is great...because there is no investment!"
Karin P.
Top 100 Global Law-Firm

“Donna doesn't replace a lawyer with a robot. Donna replaces the robot within a lawyer. We built our AI to be true Assistive Intelligence.”


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