Donna reviews contract drafts

so you can enjoy being a lawyer again

Donna uses AI to find the mistakes that are nearly impossible (and annoying) for you to find yourself. Use donna to deliver high-quality service to your clients, avoid costly mistakes and increase billable hours.

Donna Works with the Tools You Already Know


Donna Finds...

Donna finds hundreds of mistakes out-of-the-box. And the more you work with her, the smarter she becomes.

Undefined Terms

Ever copied a clause from another contract? Then you know how easy it is to introduce undefined terms.

Wrong Clause

Donna follows references to other clauses to check it's actually the one you meant. It even works if you don't use cross-references!


Donna can automatically format dates & numbers. Nothing to configure, Donna just learns how you like it done!


Every lawyer knows that Word's numbering and cross-references break. Donna fixes them for you with ease.

General Terms

Donna makes sure that your Defined Terms are used correctly in the contract. No more surprises in court about ambiguity.

Grammar & Style

Word's spell-checker can only get you so far. Donna helps you write professional and legally sound English (US/UK/AU).

...these, and hundreds more

It's Between You and Donna

We understand that Security and Discretion are always your primary concern. That's why we made Donna someone you can trust.

Data is AES256-Encrypted and Secured
AI-models are exclusive for your firm
Everything is logged and audited

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Donna is an AI-powered tool for lawyers. Donna proofreads contract drafts and helps lawyer deliver a great service to their clients.

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